Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises is the Italian cruise line market leader in Italy and across Europe which has been sailing the oceans of the world for the past 60 years, providing the best of Italian style hospitality and entertainment.

Costa’s fleet is the largest cruise fleet in Europe - 14 ships in service, all flying the Italian flag, offering each year the chance to visit some 250 separate destinations. Costa Cruises’ ships are ambassadors of Italian excellence worldwide, from Asia to America: whether it’s food & wine, design, furnishings or works of art, there are countless Italian-made products plying the seas of the world on the Costa fleet every day and they are universally appreciated by the company’s international clientele.

Guests of Costa Cruises are Fun-loving, sociable, budget-conscious travellers of all ages who enjoy cruising with an Italian flair. On Mediterranean sailings, over 80% of passengers are European.

Costa Crociere S.p.A. is a member of the Carnival Corporation & plc, the largest cruise vacation company in the world.


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Ship Facts

Ships Tonnage Built Guests Crew Speed Deck Plan
Costa AtlanticaCosta Atlantica 85,61920002,68089722View
Costa ClassicaCosta Classica 52,92619911,30259018.5
Costa DeliziosaCosta Deliziosa 92,60020102,82693421.5View
Costa DiademaCosta Diadema 132,50020144,5261,25322.5View
Costa FascinosaCosta Fascinosa 114,50020113,8001,11019.6View
Costa FavolosaCosta Favolosa 114,50020113,8001,11019.6View
Costa FortunaCosta Fortuna 102,58720033,4701,02721.5View
Costa LuminosaCosta Luminosa 92,60020092,2601,05021.5View
Costa MagicaCosta Magica 102,58720043,4701,02720View
Costa MediterraneaCosta Mediterranea 85,61920032,68089722View
Costa neoRivieraCosta neoRiviera 48,20020131,24818.5View
Costa neoRomanticaCosta neoRomantica 57,10019931,80062218.5View
Costa PacificaCosta Pacifica 114,50020093,7801,11021.5View
Costa SerenaCosta Serena 114,50020073,7801,10021.5View
Costa VictoriaCosta Victoria 75,16619962,39479022View
Costa VoyagerCosta Voyager 24,500200092735327